Deacons meet the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3:8-13:

  • a member of this church for at least one year,
  • a Christian for at least two years,
  • supports and attends church services regularly,
  • practices Christian stewardship,
  • ordained by the church,
  • serves as the pastor’s right hand assisting him in the promotion of God’s Kingdom.

Deacons currently serving are Henry B. Kirkland, DeWitt Green, Warren Ray, Stanley Owens, Freddie Fagan, Walter Watkins, Omar Soto

Other men work and train with the deacons. Our Yoke Fellows are Mike Hodgson, Freddie Fagan, Warren Ray, and Stanley Owen.

Deacon Ministry Teams

Family List – To provide a personal contact person to reach in times of need, emergency, and/or fellowship. Each member is assisted to a deacon.

Special Care Ministry Team  – To provide encouragement and show church support for members who are hospitalized, home-bound, or in nursing homes.

Outreach / Evangelism Ministry Team  – To demonstrate love and interest to all guests and prospects living within the community.

Prayer Ministry Team  – To raise awareness of prayer (not to change the mind of God, but to mold mankind’s heart and mind to his way of thinking and doing).

Widow / widower Ministry Team  – To ensure each qualifying widow or widower is assigned a deacon to minister to his/her needs.

To contact a deacon please call the church office, 239-369-6141